Jon M. Chu Dreams Up Broadway Version of 'Crazy Rich Asians'
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While Chu shares his plan on a lavish stage adaptation of his hit romcom, Warner Bros. confirms a sequel based on Kevin Kwan's 'China Rich Girlfriend' is in development.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Jon M. Chu is hoping to take his summer movie hit "Crazy Rich Asians" to Broadway.

The movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan's bestselling book of the same name became the first major Hollywood production to boast an almost all-Asian cast in 25 years, since 1993's "The Joy Luck Club", when it debuted in August, and the film continues to enjoy success at the international box office.

Chu is thrilled with the success of the movie and now he has plans to keep the momentum going with a lavish stage adaptation full of music and high fashion.

"Maybe we combine a Chinese singer with an Asian-American composer to put it together," he tells Variety. "We have a big band - the band is on the stage itself, so you can experience it like you're at a party."

"We would have the best fashion. (Designer) Jason Wu comes in and designs everything. You make an experience for the audience. It would be ridiculous."

Meanwhile, movie bosses at Warner Bros. have ordered a sequel to Chu's movie, which will be based on Kwan's second book, "China Rich Girlfriend".

It was reported Chu had already signed on to direct the new film, but he has since revealed his involvement has not been made official.

"I'm down to do the next two movies," he adds. "We've been talking a lot about it, but we still have to close my deal on it. We would love to have the cast back. We have such a deep bench of cast and we only used them a little bit. We would love to show them off a lot more."

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