Video of Justin Bieber Fighting Man Emerges in Paparazzo Altercation Case

The singer is seen grabbing Rodney Tobias Cannon's shirt to turn him around as he walks away before the fight escalates.

AceShowbiz - A video reportedly showing Justin Bieber becoming physical with a man has emerged as part of evidence in the case.

Rodney Tobias Cannon launched legal action against the "Sorry" singer earlier this year, claiming Bieber used racial slurs against him when they became involved in an altercation after the NBA Finals in Cleveland, Ohio in June, 2016. Bieber's legal team responded to the lawsuit by denying any wrongdoing and claiming self-defence last month.

"Bieber reasonably believed Plaintiff was going to harm him and any force he used was only the amount reasonably necessary to protect himself," his lawyers wrote in documents.

They are asking for the case to be dismissed and want the attorneys' fees to be covered. However, a new video obtained by editors at The Blast allegedly shows Bieber confronting Cannon, taking his sunglasses off his chest and putting them on. Cannon then snaps a picture of Bieber wearing the sunglasses, but when the singer walks over to look at the photo the situation escalates and becomes physical. In the video, Bieber is reportedly seen grabbing Cannon's shirt to turn him around as he walks away before the fight escalates.

In the lawsuit, which was first reported in June, Cannon alleged that Justin "suddenly became irate" after he took a picture with him at the Westin Hotel, "aggressively threatening harm to (Cannon) if the photograph was not deleted".

Cannon also claimed Bieber made "threatening communications in public in front of a number of people including the use of racial epithets," which reportedly included the N-word. After the news went public, Bieber's manager Scooter Braun took to Twitter to blast the allegations.

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