Guy Ritchie's 'Aladdin' Undergoing Reshoots in London
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A source says the movie had to reshoot because Disney bosses didn't feel their existing footage was authentic enough.

AceShowbiz - Guy Ritchie and the cast of Disney's new live-action version of "Aladdin" were reportedly called back for reshoots to give the movie a more Middle-Eastern feel.

Filming on the project, which stars Mena Massoud as the title character, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, and Will Smith as the Genie, originally wrapped in January.

However, a movie insider told British newspaper The Sun that cast and crew had to return to London earlier this month to reshoot several scenes with additional Middle-Eastern looking extras - as Disney bosses didn't feel their existing footage was authentic enough.

A movie insider said: "Disney wasn't massively impressed with the first draft and had its cast return to London to reshoot parts of the movie. They are eager for it to do as well as last year's 'Beauty & The Beast', which made £1 billion ($1.3 billion) at the box office."

The Sun's source claimed that producers felt initial footage wasn't true enough to its Arabian folk story source material - and so cast new, Middle-Eastern extras in a number of scenes.

"They want it to be respectful and feel authentic, so they cast more Middle Eastern extras for crowd scenes," the insider said, also revealing that Will's role as the Genie has been expanded.

"Aladdin" has already been hit by controversy, after an extra in the film, Kaushal Odedra claimed pale-skinned extras had been made-up to look more Arabian. Disney chiefs denied Odedra's claims, stating that make-up had only been used for crew members, stunt performers, and animal handlers, to help them blend into crowd scenes.

Will was also spotted in the U.K. last week when he promoted his eco-friendly bottled water range by going undercover as a member of staff at U.K. retailer Boots.

After the reshoots, the insider said Disney producers are now "a lot more ­confident" the movie will be a hit on its release next May. Representatives for the company did not respond to a request for comment.

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