Maisie Williams Debuts New Haircut After Wrapping 'Game of Thrones' Final Season Filming

Taking to Instagram, the Arya Stark depicter shows off her 70s shaggy hairstyle to her 7.9 million followers.

AceShowbiz - Maisie Williams, apparently, is ready to move on from "Game of Thrones" as she recently had a new haircut after wrapping the filming of the show's final season. The British actress, who portrays Arya Stark on the acclaimed HBO series, took to her Instagram account on August 27 to show off the new look to her 7.9 million followers.

Donning a pink Betty Boop sweater, Maisie looked different and fresh with her new vintage haircut. The 21-year-old actress previously sported some variations of a shoulder-length bob hairstyle and now, she rocks 70s shaggy hairstyle. "New hair, who dis?" Maisie captioned the filtered photo.

Maisie gained positive feedbacks from her fans in the comment section. "Retro queen!!! I hope you have rad gogo boots to go with your hairs," one praised her. "Somehow looking even younger than before," another fan added, while a person wrote, "Look who officially got the right to kill me! Maaaan, no words to describe you. You look so good and so effortlessly! Love ya!"

Besides the new haircut, Maisie got herself a "Game of Thrones"-inspired tattoo. The Emmy Award nominee teased the tattoo to her fans on Instagram Story. Posting a picture of a needle and red ink, Maisie wrote, "Guess who is getting 'No One' tattoo?"

The "No One" tattoo was not her first "Game of Thrones"-inspired tattoo though, as Maisie already got one in 2016 with co-star Sophie Turner. The two, who play sisters on the HBO show, got a matching tattoo to remember the day when they were both hired to take the roles on the medieval drama series.

Maisie, who has become best friends with Sophie since starring on the show, previously revealed that she would be a bridesmaid at Sophie and Joe Jonas' wedding. "Oh, already got it," "The New Mutants" actress said of her bridesmaid role in an interview with Radio Times. "It's very, very exciting. It's kind of bizarre, though! We're waiting until the season is done until we get into any of that, but I think she's already letting her little heart wander and imagine."

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