Tara Reid Bails on 'Sharknado' Press Tour Following Bizarre Interviews
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Tara appeared to slur her speech and squint at the camera in previous interviews promoting the movie.

AceShowbiz - Tara Reid has dropped out of the press tour for her latest "Sharknado" movie after a series of bizarre interviews.

The 42-year-old actress caused concern during a live videolink interview with Deborah Knight on "Today Extra" on Australia's Channel Nine, after Tara appeared to slur her speech and squint at the camera.

Though the actress seemed in good spirits as she promoted the sixth and final film of the sci-fi franchise, "The Last Sharknado", she stumbled over her words in the interview on Thursday, August 16, speaking in slow, drawn-out sentences, causing fans on Twitter to question whether she was okay.

And during an appearance on Friday on Fox 5 with Sharknado co-star Ian Ziering, Tara caused further concern when she incoherently mumbled while discussing her friendship with her TV movie co-stars.

"I'm telling you, like February, when it comes down, it's always Valentine's Day, we always send each other these, like, roses. We're Valentines, and this is going to be different this time," she babbled.

She later pulled out of her scheduled interview with AOL Build Series in New York City, and blamed the cancellation on "back issues" in a post on Twitter.

"Due to some back issues I am having, I had to cut my press tour short. I wish I could've been there especially for my favorite show, @BUILDseriesNYC. Thank you for ur understanding & I am hoping to recover from this pain soon. Tune in Sunday as @SharknadoSYFY 6 premieres on @syfy (sic)," Tara shared.

Tara, who previously battled alcoholism, checked into a rehabilitation facility in 2008. "The American Pie" star told People in an interview earlier this year that she's a "social drinker," but denied using drugs.

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