Ian Ziering Feared First 'Sharknado' Movie Would End His Career - Here's Why
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The actor revealed he was bombarded with texts and calls shortly after the TV film launched in 2013.

AceShowbiz - Actor Ian Ziering feared the first Sharknado movie had torpedoed his career when he was bombarded with texts and calls shortly after the TV film launched in 2013.

Now promoting the sixth film, The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star admits he was so unsure about the first one he refused to promote it and told only family members and close friends he was in it.

Ian was appearing onstage in The Chippendales revue in Las Vegas when the TV movie debuted and he was puzzled about the fact his cellphone had run out of power during the show.

"The battery was dead and I was curious because I always go to set with a full battery, in case my wife needed to reach me," he recalled during an appearance on Access Live.

"When I finally charged it up I saw why - it had alerted itself to death. It was, like, 150 phone calls and several hundred text messages. People were contacting me all through social media. I was kinda scared. It was, like, the realisation of my worst fears, until I started reading what was going on and people actually loved it".

Ziering, who had written off the project as a bad idea, then made a point and sitting down to watch the TV movie rerun, and he was so impressed.

"When I saw it I was pleasantly surprised," he added. "Magically, a safety net appeared and they delivered with the visual effects. It's not James Cameron but it's the kind of stuff people are OK with. People will accept the less than flawless Avatar filmmaking. It's just fun".

The final Sharknado movie will air in America on Sunday, August 19.

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