Paloma Faith Shocked Her Fans Asked for Selfies While Her Child Stopped Breathing

The British singer reveals she was hounded by fans when she rushed her child to hospital because it lost consciousness.

AceShowbiz - Paloma Faith was hounded by fans wanting selfies as she rushed her baby to hospital after they stopped breathing.

The British singer, who welcomed her first child with French partner Leyman Lahcine in 2016, said she called the emergency services when her baby stopped breathing and lost consciousness.

In a new interview with the We Are Women podcast, Paloma said she was "shell-shocked" after her child, who she has refused to name publicly and is not assigning the tot a gender, became seriously ill.

"Recently I went to A&E with my baby. It can happen quite often at the beginning because you constantly feel like this thing's going to die. And I do have people approach me. People want a selfie or a conversation," the Picking Up The Pieces hitmaker confessed.

"I'm actually a bit shell-shocked. My child stopped breathing for 30 seconds and I had to call an ambulance - passed out, lost consciousness and everything. I'm in A&E and someone was like, 'Oh, my God.' And that doesn't feel fair," Paloma added.

The 37-year-old singer, who has previously opened up about her traumatic labour, recently described motherhood as hell.

"I feel so good about having a child now that I want to do it again, which is why we're insane," she joked in an interview with U.K. newspaper i. "Don't get me wrong, I love my child, but it's hell."

"It doesn't matter how much help you've got, no-one can explain how lonely it feels at night when you're waking up breastfeeding and you spend hours just wired on your own and you lose the will to live in a way, because your hormones are going mad and your husband is usually asleep snoring next to you," she candidly confessed. "There's so much resentment."

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