Maren Morris Plans to Have Children Next Year

When one fan asks her about parenthood, the country singer says, 'I literally have it blocked out on my calendar next year.'

AceShowbiz - Singer Maren Morris is making plans to start a family with her new husband in 2019.

The My Church star wed singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd in March and in a recent Twitter reveal with followers, she explained she already has mommy dreams.

When one fan asked her about parenthood, she candidly wrote: "I literally have it blocked out on my calendar next year."

Maren also opened up about a near-arrest in Paris, France, but refused to elaborate, and revealed the best advice she has ever received is: "Wear underwear at all times".

Signing off on the Twitter chat she conducted while on board a long plane flight on Thursday, August 09, the singer wrote: "Alright, y'all. Spilled some tea. Spilled some wine. Love you guys. I need to do this more often tbh (to be honest)," adding, "My label probably has constant conniptions when I tweet."

Maren also recently confessed she has written to Carrie Underwood, asking the Before He Cheats singer to consider a collaboration.

The singer, who is currently touring the world with Niall Horan, admits the former American Idol champ is at the top of her wish list of dream duets.

"I wrote to Carrie a few weeks ago (hoping) that we could do something together," Morris said, "so, (perhaps) a collaboration one day."

Maren, who has also teamed up in the studio with her touring pal Niall for Seeing Blind and scored a massive hit with Grey and Zedd's The Middle, would also like to work with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

"I'd love to work with Ed Sheeran because he's just so sentimental and composes all of his songs, so... I feel like (it would be) a good fit," she said. "Bruno Mars, too... I think, as an artist, I will always stroll between the country world and the pop world, because if I had to choose, I would choose both."

Maren is currently celebrating after scoring a chart record in America - she, Zedd and Grey have tied The Chainsmokers and Halsey for the longest run at the top of America's Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. The three acts' collaboration on The Middle has scored a 27th week at number one, tying the record set by The Chainsmokers and Halsey's Closer last year (17).

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