Justin Bieber's Egging Lawsuit: Neighbors Release List of His Misdemeanors

Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz argue the details of his past actions should be mentioned during their trial.

AceShowbiz - The neighbours who accused Justin Bieber of egging their home have released a list of his previous misdemeanours in a bid to have them included in their official complaint ahead of a trial date.

The civil case involving the Let Me Love You hitmaker has been dragging on since 2014, when his former Calabasas, California neighbours, Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz, accused the star of vandalising their property.

Bieber completed probation for a charge of misdemeanour vandalism following the egg-throwing attack, but he is still dealing with a civil suit relating to the case, for which he had to pay $80,000 (£61,000) to cover damages.

Now the Schwartzes have highlighted a laundry list of criminal offences the 24-year-old has been accused of over the years, arguing the details of his past actions should be mentioned during their trial.

Among the incidents highlighted in the document, which has been obtained by The Blast, is a 2010 act in which Bieber reportedly assaulted a 12-year-old boy in Canada, his attempt to bypass quarantine laws by taking a capuchin monkey to Germany in 2012 and his 2013 arrest for drag racing in Miami, Florida.

In June, Bieber was a no show in a Los Angeles court, where lawyers for the Schwartzes had been due to quiz the pop superstar over allegations suggesting he had terrorised the family with parties and aggressive driving during his time in the neighbourhood. Bieber skipped the hearing and was instead spotted hanging out with his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, in New York.

Jeffrey Schwartz previously also accused the 24 year old of engaging in "obfuscation and delay tactics", amid claims he had missed five depositions in two years.

Both sides later agreed to push the deposition date and but a judge ordered the singer to pay Schwartz $7,500 (GBP5,770) in sanctions for missing the depositions.

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