According to a new report, the 'Sorry Not Sorry' singer was also 'brought to tears when she found out that she almost died.'

AceShowbiz - Fans are relieved when they hear that Demi Lovato has agreed to enter a rehab facility once she's released from hospital. New reports suggest that the former Disney darling is willing to go to rehab once she "is starting to grasp the severity of what happened and that she almost died."

According to E! News, another reason which makes her agree to enter rehab is because "she wants to make a statement to her fans, family and friends that she is strong and can recover." A source reveals to the site that the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer "knows she needs help. Her family has told her that this is the time to be a good example to her fans.

A second source tells the news outlet, "Her family hasn't left her side and have consulted with several people to figure out what the best plan of action is. Everyone wants her to take it very seriously and she seems to be."

It is also said that Demi "was brought to tears when she found out that she almost died." reports that she "had no idea how serious her situation was until her family explained in the hospital. The reality of what happened took some time to sink in, but it scared her to think she almost lost her life because of her challenge with addiction."

Demi allegedly doesn't want to make her family and friends feel any pain, thus she has "been apologizing to them a lot." She also feels really sorry for her ex Wilmer Valderrama, who frequently visits her in the hospital. "And to Wilmer as well, Demi is grappling with a lot of guilt," the source shares. "She's very motivated by that guilt and love for her family and friends. She never wants to let anyone down again."

It remains to be seen which facility Demi will be heading to once she's released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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