Stephanie Beatriz Expresses Concern Over Kim Kardashian's 'Skinny' Post

'Kim Kardashian saying what she weighs and her sisters complimenting her being so skinny is like eating my brain rn (right now),' the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star says.

AceShowbiz - Stephanie Beatriz and Emmy Rossum have voiced their concern over Kim Kardashian's recent weight loss comments.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star revealed she is down to 119 pounds (54 kilograms) on the scales in a series of videos posted to her Instagram Stories on Sunday, July 29, with footage showing her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner gushing over her slim frame and dubbing her "anorexic" - comments Kim took as high praise.

Her remarks prompted a wave of criticism from fans suggesting the reality star is glorifying eating disorders - and now actresses Stephanie and Emmy have weighed in on the debate.

"Kim Kardashian saying what she weighs and her sisters complimenting her being so skinny is like eating my brain rn (right now)," Stephanie, 37, shared with her Instagram followers on Tuesday. "There's only one time in my life when I ever weighed 119 pounds. It was right in the middle of a terrible relationship, and intense eating disorder, and I thought that I could be thinner and look even better."

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star went on to detail how her desperation to retain her low weight left her feeling miserable and urged fans to seek support if they found Kim's comments upsetting or triggering.

Her comments went on to garner the attention of "Shameless" actress Emmy, who echoed similar sentiments on her own social media account.

"@iamstephbeatz I love you and I support you and you're beautiful and strong and powerful and a creative bada*s woman," the 31-year-old wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Describing her own experiences of the pressures within the industry to stay slim, Emmy also recalled how the only time she had been 119 pounds came after suffering from Infectious Mononucleosis (IM), a virus also known as glandular fever.

"On a magazine shoot everyone was 'freaking out over how good' I looked. I had lost ten pounds and was gaunt and sick and felt faint... It totally messed with my head," she explained.

After advising her fans to practice self-care, Emmy concluded by uploading the infamous Kate Moss quote, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," to which she added the word "WRONG" and listed a host of tasty treats to support her claim.

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