Diplo and Ansel Elgort Invest in MatchaBar Energy Drink
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The record producer and the actor join the likes of Billie Eilish and Von Miller in contributing to the fundraising campaign launched by brothers Max and Graham Fortgang.

AceShowbiz - Dance star Diplo and actor/DJ Ansel Elgort have joined rapper Drake by becoming investors in a new matcha energy drink.

Rising singer Billie Eilish and American football star Von Miller have also contributed to the successful $8 million (£6 million) fundraising campaign launched by brothers Max and Graham Fortgang, the co-founders of MatchaBar in Brooklyn, New York - America's first matcha cafe.

The entrepreneurial siblings, who have since opened three other MatchaBar locations, are now aiming to break into the highly-profitable energy drink market with their new canned creation, called Matcha Hustle. The product uses the trendy ground powder from green tea leaves to give consumers a caffeine kick, which is said to be just as powerful as popular drink Red Bull, but without all the added chemicals.

"As someone who is constantly on the road and in the studio, I am excited to bring matcha into the world of music and nightlife," Diplo tells Forbes.com. "I relate to the clean, healthy ingredients that MatchaBar brings forth to the energy drink sector".

The Lean On hitmaker also features in the Fortgangs' new advertisement for Hustle, alongside Elgort, Eilish, and Miller, who each help to tell the story of MatchaBar's rise and what led the brothers to create the energy drink, which comes in both regular and non-sugar flavours.

"We all work hard. But then we get tired," explains Ansel, who appears onscreen shirtless while eating cereal. "So, we grab an energy drink. But then a few hours later, we feel like s**t because they're full of chemicals and sugar. My friends Max and Graham thought it didn't have to be that way".

Hustle has now gone on sale at U.S. retailer Whole Foods, with the co-founders also unveiling a social media promotion to enable their first 20,000 customers to gift a can to a friend via the grocery store.

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