Diplo and Chris Rock Hitch a Ride on Fan's Pickup Truck to Escape Burning Man Floods

In a video uploaded via social media, the 'Elastic Heart' musician and the 'Good Hair' actor can be seen sitting on the back of a pickup truck after being offered a ride by their fan.

AceShowbiz - Diplo and Chris Rock have made their way out of Burning Man festival, thanks to a fan. After getting trapped at the venue due to floods from unexpected rains along with thousands of festival-goers, the "Elastic Heart" musician and the "Good Hair" actor were helped by their fan, who drove a pickup truck, to escape the place.

The 44-year-old disc jockey and the 58-year-old comedian were offered a ride by the fan. The two, along with a group of people, could be seen sitting on the back of a fan's pickup truck in a video uploaded by the DJ via Instagram on Saturday, September 2.

Over the footage, Diplo wrote, "A fan offered Chris Rock and I a ride out of Burning Man in the back of a pickup." He went on to display how the venue looked after the rain. Along with it, a note over the clip read, "After walking six miles through the mud." He further filmed Chris talking about a drink during the ride and penned, "All Chris could think about was a f**king cold brew."

Along with the video, the "Close to Me" artist recalled in the caption of the post, "I legit walked the side of the road for hours with my thumb out cuz i have a show in dc tonight and didnt want to let yall down." He did not forget to thank the fan by writing, "Also shoutout to this guy for making the smart purchase of a truck not knowing it was for this exact moment," adding a red heart emoji.

Diplo treated his devotees to an update of his condition after getting the ride out of Burning Man. Making use of Instagram Story, he released a video of him walking without any pairs of shoes to a plane. He later let out a selfie wherein he sat on the plane. Over the snap, he penned, "No one was making it out of burning man... no one believed we would get to dc for the show tonight. But God did."

Diplo Instagram Stories

Diplo updated his fans on his condition after escaping Burning Man festival.

Later on that day, Diplo, who came to the festival to perform from a hot air balloon on Friday, September 1, assured his fans that he made it to Washington, D.C. In a follow-up video unleashed on Instagram Story, he stated, "For those of you who think I wasn't at DC, I just got done DJing." He continued, "Mud still on my face. I'm in a f**king Four Seasons. Why would I be at Burning Man still, you idiots?"

As for Chris himself, he also recalled his experience at Burning Man festival, per Entertainment Tonight. In a since-deleted Instagram Story, he wrote, "because of the flooding, the port-o-potties reportedly can't be emptied. And because the gates are closed, people can't get in to fill generators or deliver supplies."

Diplo and Chris were trapped in Burning Man festival after the venue was hit with unexpected rains, causing heavy floods. Airport and entrance of Black Rock City, Nevada, where the festival was held, were both closed. As a result, attendees were told by organizers to shelter in place.

"The gate and airport in and out of Black Rock City remain closed. Ingress and egress are halted until further notice. No driving is permitted except emergency vehicles. If you are in BRC, conserve food, water, and fuel, and shelter in a warm, safe space. More updates to come," a statement from the organizers on X, formerly known as Twitter, read.

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