Drake Fans Jump Out of Moving Car for 'In My Feelings' Challenge

The hip-hop singer's fans are taking the risk by jumping out of their moving vehicles just to dance to 'In My Feelings' song.

AceShowbiz - One of Drake's songs called "In My Feelings" from his fifth studio album "Scorpion" has become popular recently. The song is used in a viral dance challenge which is done by many social media users. It was a simple dance challenge when it started to go viral, but lately several people took it to a new level by jumping out of a moving car and dancing outside.

These people are willing to take the risk of hurting themselves just to dance to Drake's hit song. Many of them successfully won the challenge and some of them fell down after jumping from their moving cars. A Twitter user posted a video of herself falling from her car, writing, "I almost died #Kekechallenge #KIKIDOYOULOVEME."

Another one also posted a video on the same platform. The video saw the user trying to do the challenge but she fell hard on concrete instead.

One individual shared another failed dance challenge video which gained over 4,394 likes and 1,791 comments. In the video, she didn't fall after jumping out of her moving car and managed to dance for a while before she hit her head on the car's door after it suddenly stopped moving. "HAHAHA when you stop midway through #Kekechallenge @baileywatkiins," the user captioned the post.

"In My Feelings" challenge, which is also known as "Keke challenge" or "do the shiggy", was started by American comedian Shiggy who posted a video of himself dancing to the chorus of the song. Several celebrities then joined in the trend, including Ciara, Dj Khaled and Will Smith.

Ciara nailed the viral dance with her hubby Russell Wilson during their trip to Cape Town, South Africa. "When you and Bae #DoTheShiggy On Top of Cape Town on ur #Honeymoon. @DangeRussWilson #InMyFeelingsChallenge," the "1, 2 Step" hitmaker wrote on her Instagram post.

Meanwhile, Will decided to do the challenge on top of Chain Bridge in Budapest. "I woke up this morning in my feelings and I was like, 'I got to let them out,' " the Academy Award nominee told his 17.7 million Instagram followers in his video after he did it.

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