Dwayne Johnson Performed 'Skyscraper' Pivotal Crane Jump in One Take
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The actor told director Rawson Marshall that he only had one shot to perform the scene because he would be in hopsital if he fails.

AceShowbiz - Action man The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson told his Skyscraper director he only had one shot at the blockbuster's pivotal crane jump, because he'd be in hospital if he had to do it again.

In the film, Johnson's amputee hero attempts a leap from a crane to a skyscraper, where his wife and kids are being held hostage.

The breathtaking moment was captured for the movie's trailer and now the former wrestler admits that really was him making the jump, suspended 40 feet in the air.

"I was wired, but I still did it," he tells news show Entertainment Tonight. "I ran, jumped off. One take. I told Rawson (Marshall Thurber) I only had one take because years ago, I tore the top of my quad and my adductor from my pelvis, so it's hard for me to get a good jump off.

"But that's what you see in the movie".

The film hits cinemas on Friday, July 13 and Johnson admits some fans will have a problem with the action scene: "Take a friend if you're afraid of heights," he says. "Or if you have vertigo, take a friend".

And it seems Dwayne and his director enjoyed working together so much they're lining up other projects: "He won't stop calling, saying, 'What do you got next, man? I need it'," Thurber jokes, while suggesting he tried to get every other action man in Hollywood before he turned to Johnson: "Chris Hemsworth, yes, Ryan Gosling... Anybody, literally anybody".

"We had a great time on (comedy film) Central Intelligence. Skyscraper, we had a great time, too," Johnson adds. "I've gotten to a point in my career, and that point is that life's too short and work is too important to, excuse my language, work with a**holes... so I refuse to do that".

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