Azealia Banks and Actress Jameela Jamil Involved in Online Feud Over Weight Loss Ad
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Azealia slams the British actress for criticizing an ad in New York's Times Square which encourages women to suppress their appetite with lollipops.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks has slammed British presenter and actress Jameela Jamil for criticising a divisive appetite suppressant advertisement.

Jameela, 32, took to Instagram to blast weight loss aid Flat Tummy Co after its latest campaign, aired on a mammoth screen in New York's Times Square, encouraged women to suppress their appetite with lollipops.

Sharing a snap of the ad, the TV host wrote: "EVEN TIMES SQUARE IS TELLING WOMEN TO EAT LESS NOW? Have we actually gone mad? Why aren't there any boys in the ad? Why is it f**king PINK? Because you feel men can look however they want? Their goals are to be successful. But ours are to just be smaller? F**k off @FlatTummyCo."

It prompted an equally-fiery response from Azealia, who insisted the advert is a mere reflection of America's ever-growing "obesity problem".

"This is not as deep as you are making it," she wrote in the Instagram comments of Jameela's initial post. "There's a HUGE weight loss industry here in the states because we like soda and fast food. They put a girl on it because the Company is OWNED BY WOMEN. Ffs (For f**k's sake)."

The "212" hitmaker followed it up with another lengthy comment in which she took aim at Jameela's gripes with it being a women-only ad. She insisted the move is simply a marketing tool "in the same way bubblegum toothpaste is put in a Disney princess tube for girls and a toy story tube for boys (sic)" and that the ingredients are all the same.

"I guess you will also complain about baby clothing companies making pink bonnets and blue bonnets saying they should be black in order for them to be gender neutral. It's the same bonnet (sic)," she added.

The spat rumbled on as Jameela fired back: "what are you doing...? Do you understand why I think it's a little strange you have contacted me about this?" but "The Good Place" actress seemed keen to put an end to it as she added: "I will win this argument, so don't bother. There are better uses of your time, energy and supreme talent."

Jameela made headlines in May when she targeted social media powerhouse Kim Kardashian for promoting similar appetite suppressants. She later told news sources her comments had come after suffering from an eating disorder as a teenager.

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