Florence Welch Says She Needed a Drink After Watching Adele Perform for First Time

The 'Hunger' singer gushes over her fellow British musician, 'This was a voice that was just going to stand the test of time.'

AceShowbiz - Florence Welch was so impressed with Adele the first time she saw her perform live, she needed a drink.

The Florence + the Machine star was often on the same support bill as Adele when the two stars were starting out, and she had a chance to enjoy the singer when she was a raw talent at small gigs in London.

But Welch was blown away the first time she witnessed the Hello singer onstage at a concert in Camden.

"There was a gig at the Lock Tavern, where it was, like, Kate Nash was headlining, supported by Adele, then me and Emmy the Great, that was the line-up," Florence told Radio X.

Recalling Adele's set at the tiny venue, she added, "(I was like), 'S**t! This is incredible. Gimme a drink!'"

It's not the first time Florence has raved about her fellow Brit - in 2015, she admitted Adele's Hello hit had a big impact on her: "The sentiment of her song really resonated with me, when you grow up and you move away from people and places and especially when you are a performer and are on the other side of the world, there is a sense of perhaps wanting to call and go back to something more simple," she said.

And recalling that gig at the Lock Tavern in Camden, she added, "I was still in my drunk wailing phase. My friend Matt played thrash guitar and I would just shout and scream. And Adele came on and it was like time stood still. This was a voice that was just going to stand the test of time. I'd never heard anything like it."

Adele has always been a fan of Welch too, revealing in a 2015 YouTube interview that listening to Florence + the Machine's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album for the first time was a big highlight.

"I was really looking forward to that record and she didn't let me down at all," the Rumour Has It singer said. "The sound of that record is absolutely stunning."

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