Val Kilmer Slammed for Saying Anthony Bourdain's Suicide Was 'Selfish'
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He also criticised the celebrity chef, who died in an apparent suicide, for 'leaving too soon.'

AceShowbiz - Val Kilmer is facing heavy criticism for suggesting late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was "selfish" for apparently committing suicide.

The popular TV personality was found dead in his hotel room in France on Friday, June 08, and after the news hit headlines, Heat star Kilmer took to Facebook to offer up his thoughts on the 61-year-old's passing.

"Oh the darkness," he wrote. "Oh the dark thick pain of loss. The selfishness. How many moments away were you from feeling the love that was universal. From every corner of the world you were loved. So selfish..."

Kilmer then questioned if Bourdain, who struggled with drug addiction in the past, had relapsed.

"So what? I hear you took your life in paris (sic)," he continued. "What hotel? Did you relapse? Did you just get home from the best meal of your life? Did you cheat on your girl. Those of us that knew you (as fans) are shocked and angry and angry and angry selfishly angry, for what you just did to us (sic)..."

He also criticised Bourdain for "leaving too soon".

"You could have and should have given it one more shot," he added. "Sometimes we must live in service to another's life and live with no hope of equality. Life isn't fair that way. Who says you had a right to take away all this love from us so soon? Oh the darkness..."

After reading his lengthy message, many of his Facebook followers bashed the 58-year-old for his ill-advised remarks.

"Wow just wow it's attitudes like this that make having this invisible illness (depression) deadly!," one user wrote. "Selfish you have no clue what it's like then to have this illness and be in a place so dark and desperate that you feel the world would be better off without you in it (sic)...!"

Kilmer appears to be standing by his controversial statement about Bourdain's death, as he has since responded to some of the people who put him on blast.

"Clearly you miss my whole point of love," he replied to one comment. "I believe that Love can heal. It is not that I believe because he had an illness it was up to him to be solely responsible. You I am sorry to say, didn't read what I wrote very carefully. I have grown up around extreme depression my whole life and have studied it intensely. I certainly wouldn't judge his pain nor did I claim to. But clearly he felt he couldn't take another breath and Love and a search for it enables us to try one more time (sic)...."

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