Lea Michele Says She Is in No Rush to Have Children

The 'Glee' alum reveals having children can affect her acting career as she is still 'playing roles that are under 21.'

AceShowbiz - Lea Michele is keen to hold off having kids after her surprise engagement, because she still lands roles for under-21s. The former "Glee" star became engaged to Zandy Reich last month, but the 31-year-old insists she won't be diving into motherhood when she gets married for fear having a child could affect the acting roles she's considered for.

"I'm still playing roles that are under 21, so I kind of want to push that as long as I can," she tells Us Weekly magazine. "Having a baby might mess that up for me". However, she "100 percent" still plans to become a mom. "I come from a very large Italian family, so that's very important to me," she adds.

For now, Lea is focused on her career and hasn't even started planning her wedding, because she finds the whole process a little overwhelming. "I've always been every excited to be engaged and get married, but it kind of ends there," she says. "I'm kind of figuring it out as I go, and luckily, I have a fantastic fiance who is equally as excited about this and invested in the process."

The couple is having a difficult time ironing out the details for the wedding because Lea and Zandy keep changing their minds about the location. "One day we want to get married in Hawaii, the next day we want to get married in the Hamptons," she continues. "We'll see where we land. I think we should just put a pin somewhere in the United States and tell everybody to just show up."

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