The 'Lady Bird' helmer and friends' movie habit while watching Amy Schumer's new film 'I Feel Pretty' doesn't sit well with other cinemagoers.

AceShowbiz - Actress and filmmaker Greta Gerwig's cinema habits have been tweeted to the world by a fan who found herself sitting in an empty theatre behind the "Lady Bird" director. Jaye Hunt was stunned when Greta and friends joined her for a Wednesday afternoon, May 9, screening of Amy Schumer's new film "I Feel Pretty" in New York City, and after telling her Twitter followers about her celebrity encounter, she decided to post commentary throughout the film.

"there was just a bit where a baby saw amy schumer and started crying and greta LOVED it. she was the only person here who laughed," Hunt explained, adding, "I'm... not 100% sure why but greta is CACKLING at amy schumer falling off the soulcycle bike? she's still laughing and it happened a full minute ago."

"every time a song plays in this movie she (Greta) dances along in her seat which is VERY relatable," she added, while revealing her famous fellow cinemagoer tried to loudly point out a plot error in the film and was hushed by a film latecomer, and loudly stating, "I hate this" at "full volume during a heterosexual love scene."

She added, "someone just fully left because of how loud she and her friends are being," and, "amy schumer entered in disguise and greta loudly went 'oh my GOD' and scoffed. this is the dvd commentary this movie deserves."

Hunt wrapped up her Twitter spree by writing, "the end!!! honestly knowing academy award nominee greta gerwig is a loud movie talker is validating every time someone has shushed me at a movie."

And she made it clear she wasn't eavesdropping, tweeting, "she was being so loud that I didn't even have to lean forward to hear her clearly."

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