Justin Theroux Accuses His Neighbour of Trespassing Multiple Times

The 'Leftovers' alum claims that Norman Resnicow harasses him during a dispute over soundproofing.

AceShowbiz - Actor Justin Theroux is continuing a feud with his New York neighbour by accusing the man of trespassing on his property. Last year, "The Girl on the Train (2016)" star sued Norman Resnicow, who lives below his exclusive Greenwich Village apartment, alleging he had harassed him during a dispute over soundproofing.

The actor is seeking at least $350,000 from Resnicow, who has accused Jennifer Aniston's estranged husband of being a rude, problem neighbour for years, alleging his barking dogs keep him awake at night.

Resnicow has also accused the 46-year-old star of dropping heavy weights on the floor above him late at night.

Theroux has previously dismissed all the claims and now he alleges Resnicow has entered his apartment without permission on multiple occasions over the last year. The actor claims he has personally witnessed his neighbour enter his property and Resnicow has been caught on security cameras.

Justin reportedly confronted Resnicow, but he "erupted that I was mistaken and that he was not trespassing."

"To avoid an unpleasant confrontation, I returned back into my apartment," court papers read.

According to The Blast, Theroux is seeking damages from his neighbour.

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