The comedienne reveals she was detained at every single airport during a two-month federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate POTUS.

AceShowbiz - Comedienne Kathy Griffin was detained by global authorities at "every single airport" last year (2017) while she was investigated for holding a model of U.S. President Donald Trump's dismembered head online. The funnywoman hit headlines in May 2017, when she posted footage from a photo session with provocative snapper Tyler Shields on social media.

In the images, Griffin was pictured clutching a decapitated Trump "wig head," prompting an investigation by U.S. Secret Service officials. She initially apologized for her actions, but later defiantly staged a press conference, during which she accused the property mogul and reality TV star-turned-politician of bullying her.

Griffin was eventually cleared, but the controversy caused a real headache for the comic, who lost a number of gigs and endorsements after the drama surfaced, as she toured the world while the investigation was still ongoing.

"I was under a two-month federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States...," she explained on talk show "The View".

"When you're under investigation, I'd been put on what's called the Interpol list, so I was detained at every single airport, and when you have a show in Singapore, and they take your passport and they take your (electronic) devices, you're just sitting there and just trying to smile (and hoping you're released)..."

Griffin also faced a huge backlash online, while her loved ones were targeted with death threats, and her aides at the time suggested she take a long break from the spotlight to let the scandal blow over.

"I had so-called crisis managers saying, 'Go away for eight years...,' " she revealed. Instead, Griffin used her down time to stay at home and come up with new material, which she will share with fans on her recently-announced "Laugh Your Head Off Tour 2018", which begins in Toronto, Canada on May 25.

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