James Brown Kicked Down Shaggy's Door to Show Fatherly Love
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The 'It Wasn't Me' hitmaker shares the advice the late reggae star gave to him during their tour in Antwerp, Belgium, adding that he was shocked when Brown took so much interest in watching him perform every evening.

AceShowbiz - James Brown once kicked down Shaggy's dressing room door to give the reggae star a little advice. The "It Wasn't Me" hitmaker and Brown were on tour in Antwerp, Belgium together several years ago and Shaggy reveals the late soul legend wanted to tell him to keep focusing on his music and talent, and he didn't want to wait.

"He kicked my dressing room door down and he said, 'Sit down, I need to talk to you,' " Shaggy told U.S. late night show "Watch What Happens Live!" on Sunday, April 29. " 'Let me tell you, I watch you every night. You, you the truth. They can take your car, your house, your money, but they can't take your talent. That was given to you by a higher being. As long as you have your talent, you're a rich man. God bless you, keep doing what you're doing,' and he walked out."

Shaggy was also shocked when Brown took so much interest in watching him perform his set every evening.

"It was so incredible to be on the bill with him, but every night when I came out to perform they brought a chair out and he sat through my segment. Every single night...," he added. "And every night he would come in and I'd be like, 'Yo, Godfather (of soul),' and he'd be like, 'Yeah!' Everybody else was calling him Mr. Brown, but I called him Godfather. I got away with that."

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