Katie Cassidy Reveals the Silver Lining of Her Father David Cassidy's Death
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Admitting that it has been tough after her father's passing, the 'Arrow' star says the tragedy 'really brought my family together.'

AceShowbiz - Katie Cassidy has credited the death of her father David Cassidy with reuniting her family. The "Partridge Family" star died of organ failure in November 2017 at the age of 67, after being hospitalized for liver and kidney problems.

Five months after his death, his daughter Katie has opened up about her father's tragic passing and the unexpected "silver lining" she has experienced. "Obviously, it's been a tough year," the 31-year-old told People. "That's a given. But if anything, I have to say, I always try and look for some sort of silver lining in situations like that - and I guess it's nice that it really brought my family together."

"Even though the loss of my father was hard, it really brought my uncles, myself and my brother back together. I think that's the silver lining."

Katie grew up estranged from her father and had a tumultuous relationship with the actor. Despite their differences, she revealed his legacy lives on in her day-to-day life.

"He left me with really great advice. He was like: 'Don't ever stop going to class. That's where you should put your money.’ And that's what I do, and I've been able to go from nothing to where I am today and its built confidence and self-esteem," she explained.

The actress was raised by her mother, former model Sherry Williams, and her stepfather, Richard Benedon, and reiterated to fans of David that her wealth and success was self-made, as she was left out of her father's will.

"I feel like there's this preconceived notion that I come from a family of wealth and celebrity, the Cassidys, so I think people have this misconception of myself when the reality is that I actually didn't grow up with my biological father," the blonde beauty said. "I didn't know him until I was in fourth grade, and then he became a good friend of mine".

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