Mila Kunis Calls Ashton Kutcher 'the World's Greatest Husband'

After calling the 40-year-old actor the greatest husband in the world, the actress says, 'I swear, I got very lucky, man.'

AceShowbiz - Mila Kunis has praised Ashton Kutcher for being "the world's greatest husband." The "Friends with Benefits" actress has now been quick to lavish praise on her 40-year-old beau.

"I have the world's greatest husband," she told E! News at CinemaCon 2018. "I swear, I got very lucky, man. I got a man that has got a lot of patience and is incredibly supportive of our family". The 34-year-old also revealed her three-year-old daughter learned to speak Hungarian while she was filming her new movie "The Spy Who Dumped Me" in Hungary.

Mila previously credited Ashton with "educating" her about the business side of Hollywood.

"Honestly, full disclosure, when I started dating Ashton, I was like, 'I don't want to know [about the] business side, it makes me so uncomfortable.' And he said, 'Right, stop, get on the call,' " she said last year. "And then I started educating myself, getting the language right. I would ask him questions, Googled lots of things, and now I know what everybody's doing, I know what I can do, I know what I can ask for. I am way more involved than I was five years ago."

She added, "I've been in the industry 25 years and only five years ago I started. Think about that, perspective-wise."

The couple met 20 years ago on the set of "That '70s Show", but didn't start dating until years later, when they both ended up single following Ashton's divorce from Demi Moore, and Mila's split from Macaulay Culkin. After welcoming daughter Wyatt in October 2014, the stars tied the knot in July 2015, before son Dimitri joined the brood in November 2016.

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