Bebe Buell Got Pay Rise After Winning Playboy Bet Against Hugh Hefner

The former fashion model reveals in a new interview that she could get pay rise after defeating the late publisher in a Monopoly game.

AceShowbiz - Modelling icon and singer Bebe Buell doubled her Playboy wages by beating Hugh Hefner at Monopoly. Liv Tyler's mum became a Playmate by accident after photographer Lynn Goldsmith submitted nudes she took of the It girl to the men's magazine and Hefner became a big fan.

The late publisher gambled on a game of Monopoly and lost, and had to pay Bebe $10,000 double what he paid Playmates at the time. In a new Rolling Stone interview, Buell says, "I got to Chicago and stayed at the original Playboy mansion and played Monopoly with Hugh Hefner. I made a bet with him that I had to keep secret my whole life."

"Now that he's passed away I can tell it. He bet me I could not beat him at Monopoly. Playmates got $5,000 then and I said, 'If I beat you, I have to be the first Playmate that you pay $10,000'. He said, 'It's a deal, but if you win, I have to pay you that money privately or else the other Playmates will expect it too,' " she continued.

"I had to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)," she added. "He stayed up all night because he was drinking Pepsi and smoking a pipe. It was a fluke that I won. I think he got tired. He gave me the money in cash. I remember flying home with it."

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