Besides slamming the paparazzi for not helping her load luggage, the actress also said that she was less than impressed with the way the paparazzi attempted to ask her some personal questions.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish has blasted a photographer for failing to help her lift her luggage at a busy airport. The "Girls Trip" actress uploaded a video to her Instagram page on Sunday, April 22 in which she ranted about a TMZ paparazzo who snapped photographs of her at Los Angeles International Airport but did not offer to help her and her friends load their baggage into a vehicle.

"Let me tell you how f***ed up this s**t is out here, okay?" she vented. "I fly into L.A., TMZ standing there like with the camera, wanna take a picture, we got umpteen thousand bags, the man is standing on a pillar watching me and my girls load this SUV up, this Escalade up, all by ourselves. He stood there and watched us."

Tiffany then panned across to show a glimpse of her girlfriends and the trunk of the vehicle which was crammed full of handbags and suitcases. After that, she proceeded to explain that she was also less than impressed with the way the photographer attempted to ask her some personal questions.

"As soon as we finish, he come over and be like, 'Can I ask you some questions?' If you don't get the f**k out my face trying to ask me some goddamn questions, you could've been helping us - I would have stood there and talked to your a** for 30-40 minutes, I would have told you everything... I would have told you who bit Beyonce!" she said with a smile, before adding, "You lazy motherf***er, I know your mother raised you better than that. He stood up against the wall next to the car and watched us. B***h!"

Tiffany, 38, sparked a Hollywood manhunt earlier this year after claiming an unnamed actress bit Beyonce Knowles "in the face" at a party they both attended last year, with fans around the globe desperately trying to unmask the culprit.

While multiple sources have alleged that the mystery actress was "Alien vs. Predator" star Sanaa Lathan, she has denied the claims. Tiffany has also previously insisted that she will not be the one outing the person responsible.

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