During an interview with Variety, the 'Back Roads' insists that there's nothing wrong with his work ethic, saying, 'I was always on time and knew my lines.'

AceShowbiz - Alex Pettyfer has denied that he is "difficult" to work with, despite his famous falling out with Channing Tatum. The 28-year-old previously alleged that his "Magic Mike" co-star "didn't like him," after confusing Alex's insecurity with self-righteousness, and also claimed that they came to blows after Alex complained about the hygiene of an apartment he was renting from one of Channing's friends.

Although the "I Am Number Four" star admits he could have behaved differently during the filming period, he is adamant that there was nothing wrong with his work ethic. "I was never difficult," he insisted in an interview with Variety. "I was always on time and knew my lines. But I think it's the aura you put out in the world that people can sense. I probably did not have the appreciation I should have had for the position that I was in."

Speaking to writer Bret Easton Ellis on a 2015 podcast, Alex explained that he "was scared to speak" while working on the Steven Soderbergh movie, and as a result, his cast and crew assumed he thought he was "f***ing better than anyone else".

Following "Magic Mike", the English actor went on to star in pictures including "The Butler" and "Endless Love". He can next be seen in thriller "Back Roads", which also marks his directorial debut, and Alex believes that stepping behind the camera has greatly improved his attitude when it comes to making movies.

"The most humble experience I've ever had was making 'Back Roads', because I realised as an actor you're on a solo journey," he shared. "When you're a filmmaker it's a collaborative process. That's what was missing in my life. I always felt single-minded and selfish in my craft." However, Alex admitted that this was also "one of the most gruelling and tiring experiences" of his life, and will avoid acting in any films he directs in the future.

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