Lance Bass Is Excited and Anxious as Surrogacy Process Moves Fast

The NSYNC member admits the fast process of surrogacy is freaking him out, adding, 'I thought we had a good, like, year to really choose things, but it's happening so fast.'

AceShowbiz - Former pop star Lance Bass is "freaking out" at the prospect of starting a family with his husband. The former *NSYNC member reveals he and artist husband Michael Turchin had "started the process" to become parents earlier this month.

"It's something we're very excited about. I mean, the reason I wanted to get married to this guy is I know he'll be an amazing dad," he told Entertainment Tonight. "We've been putting it off for a long time, but this is the year that we're actually starting the process. Just last week, (we) really started the process. So we're excited."

However, the 37-year-old singer confesses he is a little anxious at how fast the process is moving along, as they have already found a surrogate to carry their child.

"It's going a lot faster than we ever thought, which is kind of freaking me out," he confessed. "I thought we had a good, like, year to really choose things, but it's happening so fast. I mean, we've met with surrogates, we're looking at eggs, we now have the person representing us, and contracts are being made, and it's such a process that we had no idea existed. But it's also fascinating too. It's already amazing."

In addition to impending fatherhood, the singer is busy gearing up for his reunion with fellow *NSYNC members Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone for the band's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on 30 April.

"Everyone will be there. We don't do anything *NSYNC unless it's all five (members), which is very rare these days," he admitted. "The last time we were all five together was JC's 40th birthday, which was a couple years ago. It's really hard to get us all five together."

"We're always joking around, so this is just one of those weird events that we're like, 'Really? How did we get here? This is so weird.' Our whole career, we felt like we didn't deserve anything. And we're pretty much feeling that with this star too," Lance shared.

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