Cardi B Reveals She Once Auditioned to Strip for a Penthouse

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker reveals in an interview that she once auditioned to take her clothes off for the fabled Penthouse nightclub.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B once offered to strip for the fabled Penthouse nightclub. During a Coachella sit down with colourful viral interviewer Nadwuar, the rapper, who used to make her living as a stripper, revealed she auditioned to take her clothes off for the men's club when she was 20.

"They told me to come back in a couple of months when I was 21," she explained, as she reflected on her past as an exotic dancer and the music she liked to perform to. "I actually used to enjoy dancing to house music, but I went to the hood clubs and then it was hip-hop," she added.

Her interviewer then presented pregnant Cardi with an old vinyl album, titled "How to Strip for Your Husband", and urged her to buy a turntable and play it for inspiration.

The cheeky rapper shot back, "I don't need this. I know how to." She then flashed her huge engagement ring and said, "Look at my ring. What does that tell you?"

Migos rapper Offset proposed to the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker last year (2017). She is expecting his baby.

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