Charlize Theron Feels America Is 'Unsafe' for Her Black Children
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'There are a lot of times when I look at my kids and I'm like, 'If this continues, I might have to [leave America],' ' the 'Tully' star reveals in a new interview.

AceShowbiz - Charlize Theron wants the best for her adopted black children, and it seems like she thinks that staying in the United State is not one of the options. The "Atomic Blonde" actress reveals during an interview with Chelsea Handler for the May cover of Elle that she has considered to leave the country due to the massive "racism."

"Being raised during the apartheid era in South Africa made me so hyperaware of equality and human rights," Charlize says. "Of course, I have two black kids, but that was always something I was passionate about. I don't even know how to talk about the last year under our new administration."

"That our world has been run by men is something that we have to change. As a producer, I look at not just directors but my crews, the writers, editors, composers—across the board. I take that responsibility very seriously. I was just on a film where there wasn’t one woman in the sound department, and I was like, No! We have to hire smarter. In saying that, I don’t want to ever sound like I’m doing women a favor. I’m not carrying some mission on my sleeve. But there are women out there who are fucking crazy talented. And I’m hiring them because they are the best at their job." || Link in bio for the full #CharlizeTheron ELLE May 2018 cover story, with photographs by @mario_sorrenti, styled by @georgecortina.

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"But racism is much more alive and well than people thought. We can't deny it anymore. We have to be vocal," the "Tully" star continues. "There are places in this country where, if I got a job, I wouldn't take it. I wouldn't travel with my kids to some parts of America, and that's really problematic."

"There are a lot of times when I look at my kids and I'm like, 'If this continues, I might have to [leave America],' " the 42-year-old says of her children, 2-year-old August and 6-year-old Jackson, whom she's co-parenting with her mother. "Because the last thing I want is for my children to feel unsafe."

The actress goes on saying that she wants her children to be proud of their background and culture. "I want them to know who they are, and I want them to be so f***ing proud of who they are," she explains. "Building confidence for them right now is an oath I made to myself when I brought them home."

"They need to know where they come from and be proud of that. But they're going to have to know that it's a different climate for them than it is for me, and how unfair that is. If I can do something about that, of course I'm going to," she concludes.

Racism is not the only thing that concerns Charlize. She previously talked about gun violence which happened quite often in the United States. "I have a very personal experience with gun violence. I lost my father to gun violence," she said. "I just don't understand when people try to make the conversation, the argument that the fix is more guns. It is so outrageous to me."

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