Zayn Malik Taps Gigi Hadid Look-Alike for 'Let Me' Music Video - Is the Song About Their Split?
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After watching a new teaser for his music video, many can't help but wonder if the singer will address their split in the song as the female star, Sofia Jamora, bears a strong resemblance to the model.

AceShowbiz - Zayn Malik is currently preparing to release a music video for his new single, "Let Me". The British singer has recently taken to social media to share a new teaser for the forthcoming music video, giving a closer look at the female star.

The 7-second teaser clip shows model Sofia Jamora walking around a nightclub as Zayn is hooking up with another woman. The scene then changes to show the brunette model standing on a balcony as she looks out at the situation outside. Sofia plays Jynx, while Zayn stars as Roko.

After watching the teaser, many can't help but think that Sofia bears a strong resemblance to his ex Gigi Hadid. "Is it just me or sofia jamora (the girl from zayn's video) reminds me of gigi so much," one fan comments. Some others even speculate that the former One Direction member will address their split in the new song.

Zayn hasn't responded to the speculation.

"Let Me" is the first single off his forthcoming sophomore album. Zayn previously shared another teaser which found him looking out across a gorgeous beach landscape, before words such as "power," "greed" and "vengeance" flash on the screen. The music video will be making its way out on April 12.

In a recent interview with Nick Grimshaw of Radio 1, the "Pillowtalk" hitmaker revealed that he had overcome his personal issues while preparing for his new album. "I think my confidence has grown," he shared. "The last year and a half I've been working on a lot of personal issues."

"Me leaving the band and I didn't know what I wanted," he continued. "I released the album I wasn't being prominent as I wanted to be. I'm a lot more confident now and I'm looking forward to the fans hearing it."

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