Here's Why Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Haven't Talked or Texted Since Their Break

A source reveals that the Canadian singer hasn't been in contact with the songstress not because he wants to, as it drives him crazy instead.

AceShowbiz - It appears Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez really have been taking some time away from each other since they decided to take a break. Rumor has it, the two stars have not been in contact for weeks and it's driving Justin crazy.

"Justin hasn't texted or spoken to Selena since they went separate ways, but not because he doesn't want to--the exact opposite--in fact he's just respecting her wishes and giving her some time," an insider tells "It drives Justin crazy having zero communication."

The so-called source goes on claiming that the Canadian singer has been trying to distract himself by doing other things while he waits for the former Disney darling to come back to him. "He's constantly seeing or hearing things that he knows Selena would dig, and he wants to share them with her, but so far he's managed to resist the temptation," the source continues.

The insider adds, "Right now, Justin's trying to be around friends as much as possible, and to keep his brain occupied, because whenever he's on his own and trying to just chill, he inevitably starts thinking about Selena and how much he misses her."

Should the report be true, this may explain why Justin has been often spotted working out. The "Never Say Never" hitmaker was recently caught on camera playing soccer with his friends in Playa Vista, California. Justin donned a white Adidas jersey and red athletic shorts for the game. He kept his blonde long locks pushed back with the help of a red bandana.

Unfortunately for him, he twisted his ankle during the competitive match. Even though the accident prompted him to take a lengthy timeout, it appeared he recovered quickly as he was later spotted laughing from the sidelines.

Besides playing soccer, Justin is often spotted cycling.

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