G-Eazy Regrets Partying in Every Decade in 'Sober' Music Video Ft. Charlie Puth

The Colin Tiley-directed clip features the rapper partying in the Prohibition Era as Puth sings, 'Oh, I know that I'll regret this when I'm sober.'

AceShowbiz - G-Eazy just can't stop partying in his music video for "Sober" featuring Charlie Puth. Released on Wednesday, March 14, the Colin Tiley-directed visuals features the rapper hitting a party from every decade.

The time-traveling clip kicks off with a bruised Eazy waking up in a pile of trash, seemingly suffering a hangover. He stumbles into a building that turns out to be a kind of portal which takes him to a party in the Prohibition Era. Meanwhile, Puth can be seen hanging out at the roof while singing the hook, "Oh, I know that I'll regret this when I'm sober."

As the clip goes on, the rapper is seen having sex with a housewife from the '50s and having fun getting drunk at a '70s house party. Eazy also transforms into a '90s rave kid who gets into trouble at a club after seducing women. The end of the clip sees Eazy going back to the present as he runs from cops and eventually lands himself in a pile of trash.

"Sober", which is the third single off his "The Beautiful & Damned", was released back in December. Puth helped co-write the song, which he created in 2015 with Breyan Isaac and Ester Dean. "I had originally written verses, like sing-y verses, and it just didn't feel right," he said of the song. "When I heard G's verses on it, they just happened to be something similar to what I went through. There is no other person who could have done it better than G."

Eazy is currently gearing up for his upcoming fourth album. The "No Limit" spitter revealed that he's "almost done" working on the album at his show in Denzer. During his performance of "Calm Down", he switched a line in the song and rhymed, "My last album spent 52 weeks there/ Almost finished with the fourth/ You should be scared."

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