'The Crown': Claire Foy Is Paid Less Than Co-Star Matt Smith

Executives of Left Bank, which produces the Netflix series, reveal the Golden Globe-winning actress earns less than Smith who portrays Prince Philip on the show.

AceShowbiz - This is definitely shocking. Claire Foy, who earned a Golden Globe Award for her stunning portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II on the hit Netflix series "The Crown", is revealed to be paid less than her male co-star.

Andy Harries and creative director Suzanne Mackie of Left Bank, which produces the critically-acclaimed series, revealed that Foy earns less than Matt Smith, who portrays Prince Philip on the show.

During Harries and Mackie's appearance on Tuesday, March 13, conference on innovative TV in Jerusalem, they were asked if Foy made as much as Smith. Much to everyone's surprise, they revealed that Smith made more thanks to his "Doctor Who" fame, though they didn't reveal the numbers. Smith was the 11th incarnation of The Doctor on the popular British series.

While it's unknown how much Smith made from "The Crown", Foy was paid about $40,000 per episode, according to Variety. That's only a small portion of the show's budget though, as it costs around $7 million per episode for its first two seasons, making "The Crown" one of the most expensive TV series.

Mackie, however, assured that they would be no salary gap in the coming season. "Going forward," Mackie said, "no one gets paid more than the Queen."

That didn't stop fans from expressing their anger for the salary gap on Twitter. "Matt Smith was paid more for The Crown than Claire Foy. So just like!!!! Let that sink in!!!!" an outraged fan wrote. Another added, " 'The Crown' is amazing, high quality TV. But every fan knows Claire Foy was THE stand out performer that made it shine. Her portrayal as the young Queen Elizabeth is a very top tour-de-force acting performance. No one should have been paid more than her."

Olivia Colman ("The Lobster) is tapped to replace Foy as the Queen in the expected third and fourth season. Helena Bonham Carter, will play her sister, Princess Margaret. Meanwhile, there is no word on who will take over Smith's role as Prince Phillip, though rumor has it that Paul Bettany is being approached for the role.

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