'The Walking Dead' to Feature First 'Fully Nude' Walker

'There's an episode where we did our first fully nude walker. We've never done that before,' teased executive producer Greg Nicotero.

AceShowbiz - Sometime in the back half of "The Walking Dead" season 8, fans will be treated to something entirely new regarding the zombies. The AMC hit zombie apocalypse, which will return on February 25, is set to feature first fully nude walker.

"There's an episode where we did our first fully nude walker. We've never done that before," teased executive producer Greg Nicotero to Entertainment Weekly.

However, Nicotero didn't reveal whether the naked zombie was a male or a female zombie. It is also unknown if by fully naked zombie, it means viewers will be treated to a full-frontal nudity of the rotting corpse. In any case, a fully naked zombie is seemingly worth to wait.

The EP also discussed what's more to expect in the second half of the eighth season of the series. Talking about winning the war against Negan, Nicotero said, "I think the second half of the season, there's much less talking about what’s going on. Clearly, the balance has shifted. Now that Negan and his group have escaped the Sanctuary, there's not as much talking about what the ramifications are of what we're going to do, but now our group has to be on the defensive because Negan's out and he's pissed and it's definitely a different dynamic than the first half of the season."

Nicotero, who directed three of the next eight episodes, continued saying that there would be "a lot of emotion involved around" the characters," adding, "There's emotion involved in what these people are going through and processing what the world is going to become and what it needs to become for them to exist. I mean, it's always, what are we fighting for? Any war in the history of mankind has always been based on what are we fighting for?"

"The Walking Dead" returns with an extended episode on February 25 at 9 P.M. on AMC.

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