Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Fly Coach to France for New Year Celebration

After arriving just in time to count down to midnight on Sunday, the pair met up with friends in the Monaco area before heading to Monte Carlo as their final destination.

AceShowbiz - After a few weeks with her future in-laws, Meghan Markle and her fiance Prince Harry apparently decided to have a well-deserved romantic vacation away from familial obligations. The couple, who will get married in May, reportedly jetted off to the French Riviera to ring in the New Year.

The twist was, instead of flying business, the couple opted for economy class on British Airways. The 33-year-old British prince and the former "Suits" star reportedly boarded their 9.55 A.M. flight to Nice, France, before any other passengers to stay incognito. As if flying commercial was not surprising enough, it was said that they got their seats at the back of the plane, next to the rear toilets.

Daily Mail stated that the royal couple took up three rows of economy seats. The couple was joined by three "edgy and nervous" bodyguards. During the low-key outing, makeup-free Meghan wore a black beanie. Meanwhile, Harry covered himself in a jacket, jeans and a baseball cap.

After arriving just in time to count down to midnight on Sunday, December 31, the pair met up with friends in the Monaco area. "The British royals really enjoyed themselves," said a source.

Harry and Meghan continued their vacation by heading to their final destination, Monte Carlo, by a helicopter. It was just a brief trip, however, as the two reportedly packed up and got back on a helicopter on Tuesday morning.

Prior to this, Meghan spent her Christmas holidays with Harry and other Royal family members. Speaking with BBC Radio 4, Harry said that he and his bride-to-be had a "great time" over Christmas. "She's done an absolute amazing job," he added. "She's getting in there and it's the family that I suppose she's never had." That remarks, however, didn't sit well with Meghan's family, with her dad reportedly being hurt with the comments.

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