Mariah Carey's Bodyguard Accused of Beating a Fan

'All I did is film him attacking a fan and he grabbed my phone and started punching me,' a concertgoer wrote on the description box of a video featuring a bodyguard attacking another fan.

AceShowbiz - A fan of Mariah Carey went all the way to Las Vegas to see the diva performing. However, he allegedly got beaten by her bodyguard instead.

Yaniv Elharar told TMZ that the alleged assault occurred on Saturday night, December 16 after the "All I want for Christmas" singer's show at Caesars Palace. It was said that Elharar spotted one of Carey's bodyguards beating down another fan, prompting him to start recording the assault he witnessed. The video was uploaded on his YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The bodyguard caught him recording his action, though. According to Elhara, the bodyguard smacked his phone away. Later, he punched him twice in the chest and the ribs.

Elharar wrote on the description box of the aforemention video, "Security guard punched me in the chest and ribs at the @mariah Carey in Vegas . All I did is film him attacking a fan and he grabbed my phone and started punching me I ended up in the ER with high blood pressure and a contusion I am emotionally physically and spiritually Traumatized." He added several hashtags including #ArrestTheBodyguard, #BrokenLamb, #AwfulHoliday and #IDeserveAnApologyFromMariahCarey.

Based on some photos obtained by the news outlet, it seems like Elhara also took a blow to his face. However, Elhara didn't recall it in the fracas. The concertgoer further alleged that the bodyguard chased him out of the auditorium before he managed to contact Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Police confirmed to the site that they received a report of the alleged incident. It is said that the authorities are investigating it as a misdemeanor battery.

Following the accusation, a rep for Carey said that the alleged assault did not involve any members of the singer's security team. Instead, the rep said that it was the venue's security.

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