Lil Pump Cancels Connecticut Show Mid-Set After Throwing Microphone at Fan

The 'Gucci Gang' hitmaker soon takes to Instagram Live to address the incident, saying that it happens after the fan throws something onstage during a performance.

AceShowbiz - It's been a long week for Lil Pump. After mocking a hotel employee, the "Gucci Gang" hitmaker made another headline as he was caught on camera throwing a microphone at a fan during his show in Wallingford, Connecticut on December 11.

The fan-captured clip saw Pump abruptly stopping his performance after a concertgoer allegedly threw a water bottle on the stage. The 17-year-old musician immediately addressed the said concertgoer with insults and threats.

"That was you? You think you're funny? Come up here and do that s**t, p***y," Pump told the audience member. Before security had a chance to take care of the situation, Pump threw his microphone at the fan and left the stage, ending his show that night.

A hater threw a water bottle at #lilpump and pump threw the mic 🎤 back at the fan. Via @zacsebastiao

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) pada

Shortly after the incident, Pump took to Instagram Live to share details about what actually happened during the performance. "If you was at that Connecticut show... s**t ended 'cause some stupid a** n***a thought he was funny and he threw some s**t onstage and he got his a** socked," the young rapper explained.

"B***h, don't you ever try to do no stupid s**t while I'm performing you f****n dumba**," he continued. "Of course you gon' get your stupid a** socked -- f****n goofy. I'm sorry to everybody... The show got shut down or whatever. I'll make it up to you all. I love you all."

The incident came just a day after footage of Pump getting kicked out of a hotel surfaced online. In the short clip, he could be seen in a hotel room with a number of police officers standing nearby. He then began making fun of a hotel employee who was standing by the door.

"You kickin' me out of a hotel for being racist and ugly," Pump told the man. "You big ugly a**. You got a big a** gut. You like 65. Yo tapeline went back." The clip then switched to show Pump walking outside the hotel after being told to leave.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Pump made the Archdiocese of Los Angeles upset for filming the music video for "Gucci Gang" at Blessed Sacrament school, where he smoked weed, sipped lean and slapped a teacher with a bag of marijuana.

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