'SNL': James Franco Gets Questions on His Monologue, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill Make Hilarious Cameo

In the December 9 episode, which saw James hosting the show for the fourth time, Steve Martin and James' brother as well as the 'Disaster Artist' co-star Dave Franco also made an appearance.

AceShowbiz - James Franco returned to NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in Saturday, December 9 episode, hosting the Emmy-winning comedy for the fourth time. "The Deuce" actor started his monologue saying that hosting the show four times was "the most you can do without being special," since you would only get a jacket after hosting for the fifth time. "Fourth time here, and they didn't even write you a monologue. They just throw you out here and make you take questions from the audience," James said.

During his monologue, it turned out that James was not alone as close friends and longtime collaborators Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill were spotted among the audience. Seth claimed that he was there "to see the show in general, and I didn't realized you were hosting."

Seth later asked a question on behalf of the woman sitting next to him, "How come you've hosted four times and Seth Rogen's only hosted twice?" James replied, "Why don't you ask Seth why the movies I do on my own, like '127 Hours', get nominated for Oscars, [while] the movies I do with Seth get nominated for stoner awards."

Jonah later stepped in, joining Seth in poking fun at his best friend James. "Sorry I'm late, did I miss SZA?" he cracked, referencing to that night's musical guest. But the surprise was not stopping there as Steve Martin also made a hilarious cameo. While James praised him for still looking hot at the age of 72, the "Three Amigos" star snapped, "Do I look hot?"

For the cold opening, cast member Kenan Thompson played a department-store Santa Claus. The skit saw Kenan's Santa struggling to fend off questions from curious kids about recent political news. "A toy like the one Matt Lauer gave to his co-worker?" one kid asked, referring to recent allegation which said that the former "Today" host gave sex toys to his female colleague.

James continued his comedy chops in that night's skits, including "Spelling Bee." James portrayed a moderator in a spelling bee competition with some serious issues with his step-father named Kevin. At one point, the "Why Him?" actor could be seen losing his composure while saying his hilarious lines.

Weekend Update, meanwhile, was filled with numerous references, one of which was a reference to President Donald Trump's remarks about recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Michael Che and Cathy Anne also addressed Al Franken's resignation following sexual harassment allegations against him.

Final sketch of that night saw a special reunion between host James and his brother Dave Franco. Dave, who stars in "The Disaster Artist" opposite brother James, made a cameo appearance in a sketch about an awkward family reunion. The skit also featured James' off-kilter cousin Mandy (Heidi Gardner), who asked James if he "needs help" in making good movies. "Okay, little Jamey, whatever you say, but remember when you used to make good movies?"

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