'Saturday Night Live': Host Chance the Rapper Begs Barack Obama to Come Back in Office

For that night's cold open, the Emmy-winning comedy show poked fun at the recent news that Donald Trump. Jr (Mikey Day) was in touch with Wikileaks.

AceShowbiz - Chance the Rapper is no stranger to serving as musical guest on "Saturday Night Live", but the Saturday, November 19 episode of the NBC hit comedy show didn't feature the Grammy winner spitting verses. Instead, he made his hosting debut, participating in a funny sketch of "Wayne Thanksgiving" as well as wooing Barack Obama to be back in the White House.

The 24-year-old rapper opened his monologue, talking about how he wanted to be Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving by making a song about the holiday. "And of course, we can't forget the real hero of Thanksgiving. The turkeys!" he said, before real turkeys, clad in choir robes, flickered on the screen. Toward the end of the song, a slew of "SNL" cast members joined him on the stage.

For that night's cold open, the Emmy-winning comedy show poked fun at the recent news that Donald Trump. Jr was in touch with Wikileaks. This episode of "The Mueller Files" saw Julian Assange (Kate McKinnon) having a secret meeting in a dark parking garage in London with Mikey Day's Trump Junior as the latter wanted some "Hilary Clinton's dirts." They were joined by Alex Moffat who slayed with his impersonation of dim-witted-yet-lovable man-child Eric Trump.

"I trust you come alone?" McKinnon's Assange asked. Day's Trump Jr. responded, "My brother Eric is waiting in the car. Not too worry, I told him to honk the horn if he gets scared. Now…," before he finished his sentence, someone was heard honking a horn. Although Eric joined them in their supposed-to-be secret meeting, Trump Junior assured Assange that "having Eric here is basically being alone."

This week's "Weekend Update", again, talked about recent sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood which didn't seem to end any time soon. "Thursday is Thanksgiving, and there is so much to be thankful for this year," Colin Jost said, before adding, "Unless you're a human woman." The segment continued to poke fun at Roy Moore, Louis C.K. and U.S. Senator Al Franken, who was accused of clawing at the covered breasts of an unconscious Leeann Tweeden in 2006--a decade after he left "SNL".

"I know this photo was taken before he ran for public office," Jost added. "But it was also taken after he was a sophomore in high school. It's pretty hard to be like, 'Oh, come on, he didn't know any better. He was only 55.' "

In another sketch, Chance appeared in the digital short "Jingle Barack". Fictional R&B group De-Von-Tre, which consisted of Chance, Keenan Thompson, Chris Redd, serenaded their longing for Barack Obama. "So come back Barack/ Don't leave us here alone," they sang. "Maybe you can come back and make a speech--how much would that cost?" Thompson asked, alluding to the exorbitant speaking fees Obama has claimed in recent months. "Oh, for real? Oh, no, we definitely can't afford that."

"SNL" revived one of the show's best sketches, "Wayne Thanksgiving," in this week's episode. Set at Bruce Wayne's lavish Gotham City mansion on Thanksgiving Eve, the sketch shows Batman's billionaire alter ego (Beck Bennet) greeting community members who are thankful for his annual food drive. He told a teenager named Malik (Chance) that he knew Batman, but instead of praising Batman, Malik slammed the Caped Crusader.

"Can you tell him to cool it down in our neighborhoods?" Malik asked. "Just seems like he's in our neighborhood all the time!" Thompson joined them and complained about Batman's habit to break people's jaws and leave them hanging from gargoyles for minor crimes like theft. "I hope somebody kicks Batman's ass," Malik's mom, played by Leslie Jones, suggested. Thompson was thrilled by the idea, adding that the whole community needed to teach Batman a lesson.

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