Miley Cyrus' Unreleased 'Bangerz' Tracks Get Leaked

Two unreleased tracks from the 'Party in the U.S.A.' singer's 'Bangerz' sessions get leaked on YouTube and have been reported to be produced by Pharrell Williams.

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus just released her sixth album "Younger Now" on September 29, but it seems fans still couldn't move on from her "Bangerz" days. Recently, two unreleased tracks, entitled "Mustang" and "The Way I Feel", from the singer's fifth studio album sessions got leaked on YouTube. Both tracks were reportedly produced by Pharrell Williams.

"Mustang" is a casual, hip-hop mid-tempo ballad with subtle bass line. The song delivers Miley's soulful voice as she sings, "You drive a classic Mustang/ The ones with the stock wheels, you didn't change/Plus it has a new system, that bangs/It makes me say dang, would you take me for a spin?"

Many fans speculate that the song is meant for her fiance Liam Hemsworth since the "The Hunger Games" star drives a classic Mustang. If this is true, it explains why the song was removed from the album. The pair broke up just before the "Bangerz" release, though they later reconciled in 2016.

Meanwhile, "The Way I Feel" is a 80's-ish dance song that describes a person's feeling when they fall in love. Miley sings on the beat, "And then the feeling comes raining down/ All over my body/ It tingles here, tingles there/ Oh, it tingles everywhere/ That's why I've never found/ The way to describe it." Rapper Tyler, the Creator also takes part in this song, although his verse is surprisingly very short. After it was removed from the track list, Jennifer Hudson eventually took the song and grabbed T.I. as her partner.

Fans left many comments following the leak of the tracks, saying they regretted Miley's decision of removing the songs from the album. They also remarked that the songs were better than all tracks from her "Younger Now" album. A fan wrote, "Yessss that's my girl Miley Cyrus. Why didn't she put it in the 'Bangerz'!"

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