Bella Thorne Writhes Around in Lingerie in Prince Fox's 'Just Call' Video

The visuals sees the 19-year-old actress/singer writhing around in her underwear as she anxiously waits for her on-screen lover to call her.

AceShowbiz - It's finally here! Bella Thorne and Prince Fox have released a music video for their collaborative track "Just Call", and we're instantly obsessed. The sexy visuals finds the two artists playing lovers as they are lying on a bed. Bella is rocking a pink silk bra and matching panties, while Prince Fox ditches his top.

When she wakes up, the beatmaker has already gone. She anxiously waits to hear from him as she writhes around in her underwear and dips herself in a neon-lit bathtub. On the other hand, her on-screen boyfriend parties the night away with other girls. By the end of the clip, the actress/singer smashes Prince Fox's things with his guitar.

"It's a totally different story, who's upsetting who. If you play it backwards the narrative completely changes," Prince Fox said of the video. "We kind of wanted to trick the audience so you never really know. In my personal opinion, when it gets to this part of relationship where the song is talking about, you kind of don't know where you are with that person. You don't really know where you stand."

In a recent interview with Just Jared, Bella shared that she is proud of her musical development. "So far everyone’s been really liking this song," she said of "Just Call". "As far as the people that didn't like my music in the past-I get it. That s**t was cheesy as f**k. I wasn't making great music. I didn't have a great voice, I still don't have a great voice, but I'm working on it."

"It's definitely a new era for me. A lot of people think it's a new me but it's not a new me, it's just another side of me," she explained. "I'm happy to be releasing new music in this era, and for me it's just about saying what I've been trying to say and getting it through your head in a song. All the songs that I've been singing really say something."

Bella's last studio effort was an EP titled "Jersey", which was released in 2014. It featured five tracks, including "Call It Whenever", "Boyfriend Material" and "One More Night". The featured artists included Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX.

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