Bella Thorne's Ex Benjamin Mascolo Spills Their Bedroom Secrets
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The 30-year-old musician reveals that he and his bisexual girlfriend would explore their sexuality both together and apart during the course of their relationship.

AceShowbiz - Bella Thorne and her ex-boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo used to have threesomes. The 25-year-old actress dated musician Benjamin, 30, from 2019 until 2022 and he has now claimed that his ex-girlfriend is bisexual and the couple would explore their sexuality both together and apart during the course of their relationship.

Speaking on the "One More Time" podcast, he said, "She is bisexual, she likes both boys and girls. She was often alone in America and she suffers when she's alone, there were hour-long phone calls where she was crying and telling me 'I'm lonely.' One day she asks me if she can go out with a girl. I just said yes, I wanted her to be happy, but later I realized that I was a bit jealous. There was a period when she used to sleep with girls while I was in Italy. It also happened that we had threesomes with other girls. First you think: 'Wow, that's great. I have a girlfriend, we are in love and I can also sleep with other girls: models, actresses...' "

However, Benjamin went on to claim that despite the initial excitement of opening up about their sex life, the arrangement eventually took its toll on their own "intimacy" as a couple and reflected that he was too "immature" to cope with such a situation at the time. He added, "It feels cool, but I didn't realize it was slowly eroding our intimacy. I was immature and didn't know how to handle the situation. At some point I was looking at girls during parties and thinking: 'I wonder what she's like, maybe we could take her to bed with us.' I was in the wrong loop. Our relationship became toxic, mostly my fault. I felt like I was a kid in a chocolate factory and I stuffed myself with everything. Our intense lifestyle made us suffer!"

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