Melania Trump Gets Roasted for Wearing Stilettos While Heading to Texas Flood Zone

FLOTUS boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering stilettos, causing Twitter users to wonder if she really wanted to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

AceShowbiz - Melania Trump received backlash over her choice of footwear when she and President %cDonald Trump% were heading to Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey on Monday, August 29. FLOTUS chose to wear stilettos when she and POTUS boarded Air Force One, and people deemed her action ignorant.

Melania opted for a more casual look for the visit, but people couldn't help but question her sincerity in helping the victims. "What was your first clue that this Texas trip was to be nothing more than a fake, useless photo op? Was it Melania's six-inch spike heels?" @jefftiedrich wrote alongside a photo of Melania and Trump posing for the cameras.

@emigre80 really couldn't understand her decision to wear such shoes. "Melania. Is. Wearing. Six. Inch. Stiletto. Heels. To. Visit. A. Disaster. Zone. These. People. Just... These. People," s/he tweeted. @The_Real_Mersi added, "#TRM _I can't take this woman seriously. Stilettos to a disaster area? Sunglasses in the rain? Hair blowing everywhere?"

@VenusAsABun was clearly disappointed in Melania as s/he wrote, "Melania wearing stiletto heels on the way to a flooded mega city shows she isn't focused on helping."

Meanwhile, @TheDweck reacted to the situation in a witty way, quipping, "(Melania wobbles into shelter in 6-inch heels). 'I here help. I bring you perfumes and chocolates.' "

Although Melania might seem like she didn't take the disaster seriously, she traded her stilettos for a pair of white sneakers. She arrived in Texas wearing a white button-down shirt which she paired with black pants. She accessorized with sunglasses and a FLOTUS cap, while her hair was tied into a loose ponytail.

Some people then asked everyone to stop hating on Melania. "First lady Melania Trump didn't wear high heels. She has sneakers. Stop hating our fabulous first lady of the USA," @kita_shaner tweeted.

@rustythimble54 said, "Melania Trump wearing sneakers & a #FLOTUS cap. LIKE A BOSS. Go find something else to whine about, #Progressives. #HoustonStrong #MAGA." @Jspragens added, "She is dressed to help, not for a magazine cover! I think she puts forth an elegant image for America, even in jeans & sneakers!"

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