Kylie Jenner Is Trying to Conquer Kendall's Catwalk Career

The Kylie Lip Kit founder is reportedly 'fed up' with her older sister's 'superior attitude' since rising to high-fashion fame.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner is reportedly planning to conquer her sister Kendall Jenner's modeling career. According to an insider, the Kylie Lip Kit founder is "fed up" with her older sister's "superior attitude" since rising to high-fashion fame.

The source reveals that Kylie is taking her rivalry with Kendall up a level by launching a modeling career in direct competition to her sibling. "Kylie has never understood the big fuss about Kendall and her catwalk career. In her opinion she has just as much to offer in the beauty and style stakes," the insider tells Radar Online.

"She intends to wipe that smirk off her face and has instructed her agents to contact all the main booking and scouting companies," the insider continues, "Plus she's networking like crazy in the same business circles as her sister."

Previous rumor said Kylie and Kendall were at war with other famous siblings Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid and their mother Kris Jenner was plotting to have her daughters triumphing over the Hadid sisters in the fashion world.

"[Kris] is hell-bent on getting a contract for either Kendall or Kylie with Tommy [Hilfiger], like Gigi currently has," Star reported, "The bottom line is the Hadid girls have that 'it' factor, but try telling Kris. She will stop at nothing to make sure her children succeed," adding, "She's determined to have her daughters in the top spot."

While it's widely known that the sister pairs are supportive of one another, it remains to be seen if Kris is indeed plotting to have Kylie and Kendall overtake the other siblings in the fashion world.

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