'Celebrity Big Brother': Sarah Harding Gropes Chad Johnson in Steamy NSFW Act

While the other houseguests were sleeping, the pair were getting raunchy as the camera panned to Sarah's hand on Chad's manhood before the scene concluded.

AceShowbiz - The controversial romance between Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson becomes one of the most talked-about things of this year's "Celebrity Big Brother". In a newly-released clip, the couple was getting into a super steamy sex act as they shared a bed for the first time in the Sunday, August 20 episode of the British reality show.

The former Girls Aloud member was seen cuddling and passionately kissing the shirtless 30-year-old hunk under the cover. "It's no one else's business," said the 35-year-old singer, to which Chad responded, "This is hard."

While the other houseguests were sleeping, things between the pair were getting hot and heavy. "Can you feel that there? Yes that there?" "The Bachelorette" star whispered to the blonde beside him. They continued getting raunchier as the camera panned to Sarah's hand on Chad's manhood before the scene concluded.

"There's a lot of heavy petting going down between the couple," the insider revealed, adding that the show's producers had to edit the scenes to make it not too graphic for the broadcast. "Sarah's hand disappeared under the covers and Chad's boxers came off. Viewers can draw their own conclusions about what happens but it's pretty clear."

Sarah later received a huge backlash over the racy scene, with @tommykellylfc writing, "That Sarah Harding is a bad tramp #cbb." @Caseyydunne similarly tweeted, "Can't believe I'm watching Sarah Harding give Chad Johnson a handjob with my mother #CBB #BBUK."

@RoeKizzy snarked, "Sarah harding one nasty b***h to do what she did in bed with doppi chad known d carmas r watching her n not even under cover her bfriend." @gem_stone10 added, "Sarah is sly. hypocrite. A cheat. and attention seeker. get her OUT. her thing with chad wont last. She'll probs cheat on him."

People have always been critical of the romance Sarah and Chad had after Sarah admitted that she had a boyfriend outside the famous Borehamwood mansion. The two, however, couldn't be more careless as they previously went off to the camera-less bathroom for a private make out session.

Previously, Sarah s**t-shamed Fifth Harmony during a conversation with Chad. When Chad asked her if she knew Fifth Harmony, Sarah replied, "Um, yes, those s**tty ones? Yeah." She added, "Yeah, they all wear next to nothing-all the girl bands do these days. S**tty, s**tty, s**tty. Sex sells, sex sells..."

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