Explosive Texts Reveal Lady GaGa Begged to Be Credited on J.Lo's Song 'Invading My Mind'

Explosive Texts Reveal Lady GaGa Begged to Be Credited on J.Lo's Song 'Invading My Mind'

The 31-year-old songstress urged J.Lo's music producer to credit her on the track as she was afraid of being accused of copying its music on 'Judas'.
Some people may notice musical similarities between two 2011's hits, Lady GaGa's "Judas" and Jennifer Lopez's "Invading My Mind", as GaGa was involved in the creative process of both songs, or so we thought. Explosive texts between the "Poker Face" singer and J.Lo's music producer RedOne have surfaced online, revealing that GaGa pleaded with the producer to be credited on her fellow singer's track.

According to the bombshell texts obtained by Daily Mail, GaGa urged RedOne to change the music on "Invading My Mind" or credit her on the song because it's really similar to "Judas". She was afraid of being called "unoriginal" or a "copycat," and being credited on the song would rule out any possibility of being accused of copying the track.

The conversation happened in March 2010, when GaGa sent a text to RedOne, saying, "We need to update 'Judas' beat..it sounds so much like Jlo 'invading'!!! We have a big problem." Hours later, the songstress continued, "Red...it is exactly like judas. I can hear the same midi was used and moved around. U have to change the track for her...even the FORMAT is the same."

Frantic GaGa expressed her concern to the producer, writing, "And its on perezhilton.com as a leak. And people will say I stole from jlo! I love judas SO MUCH but I can't look like a copycat of JLO!!!!" RedOne eventually agreed and replied, "Embrace!!!! It ONLY will make you look credible and massssssive!!!!....Trust me."

In an interview, J.Lo claimed that she had no idea of GaGa's involvement on the song until RedOne told her. "I think RedOne's sound is very specific, but he also can be very individual for each artist that he works with, which I like, but there's still kind of commonality in it," she previously said. "But it's him. He makes a record sound so big and important."

She added, "When he would play me different tracks and even the beginnings of ideas and when he told me, 'Actually I worked with GaGa on this,' and I was like, 'Really? That's awesome. Is it OK?' and he was like, 'Yeah, yeah.' You know, they write and produce together a lot. So, it was exciting. I kind of just lucked out on that one."

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