Infinite's Sungyeol Shocks Fans With His Muscular Body in Instagram Pic

The 'Before the Dawn' hitmaker, who's usually very skinny, debuted his hot bod in a sexy shirtless photo he posted on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - Sungyeol of Infinite is no longer the skinny and weak member of the group. The "Hi! School - Love On" actor took to Instagram on Tuesday, August 1 to post a photo of his new muscular body, and it totally drove fans crazy.

The photo saw Sungyeol standing with his back facing the camera as he flexed his impressive back muscles. "I've been dieting for eight months! It's difficult to be consistent. Now I don't have baby fats anymore hahahaha^^. I'll show you my face later, sorry^^," he captioned the sexy snap.

Fans gushed over his hot bod in the comment section. "I've seen you over the years develop from a young man into a mature FINE young man, haha. Keep up the hard work and stay healthy!" a fan wrote. "What happened to your slim and lean bodyyy?! YOU LOOK GOOD," another added.

Sungyeol's transformation seemingly caused groupmate Sunggyu to be jealous as the "I Need You" hitmaker asked him if the diet would work for him too. "Will that work on me?" Sunggyu commented on the photo.

"Well you can :) but still i personally like how you look like right now :) try to build some muscles, just don't try to hard," a fan answered Sunggyu's question. Another fan told "The Answer" crooner to keep his current figure. "No sunggyu-ssi, don't build muscle, you're too cute for that," the fan said.

Sungyeol is currently considering to star on a drama titled "Odd Man and Woman", which tells a story about families who are struggling with various issues. Meanwhile, Infinite is said to be releasing a new album this month.

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