Big Bang's G-Dragon Hints He's Missing T.O.P With This Instagram Pic

The 'One of a Kind' hitmaker has taken to Instagram to post a photo that his groupmate posted on his Instagram account last year, causing fans to believe that he's missing T.O.P.

AceShowbiz - It seems like %cG-Dragon% of %cBig Bang% is lonely without %cT.O.P%. The "Untitled, 2014" rapper appears to hint that he's missing his groupmate, who was recently charged with marijuana use, through an Instagram post.

G-Dragon shares a picture of a screen with the words "NO SIGNAL" written across it. Although he doesn't write anything in the caption, fans believe that he must be missing T.O.P since the "Doom Dada" rapper posted the same picture last year.

Fans also say that they're missing T.O.P, who was last seen at his first hearing a few weeks ago. He will attend his final hearing on July 20 before continuing his anxiety treatment. "Missing [T.O.P] too... VIPs are still here for y'all... love y'all," a fan writes in the comment section. "We are all missing him. How are things going?" another wonders.

Other fans show their support for both G-Dragon and T.O.P. "Have some rest. don't worry too much. and don't give up. tons of better things will come soon," one of them comments. Another adds, "We can only bring support and love and that's what we will do. Just trust that better things in life will come."

Prior to this, G-Dragon experienced an incident during his concert on Saturday, July 8. The "Crayon" hitmaker made fans worried as he fell into a hole on the stage that was accidentally opened while he was performing. However, he quickly re-appeared on the stage.

YG Entertainment later gave fans an update of his condition. "It was time for the lift to come down, but G-Dragon got so immersed in his performance that he missed the timing," the agency said in a statement. "Thankfully, he landed on his feet so he didn't end up with any injuries. He said he could continue with the rest of his concert."

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